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Past View are guided tours that let you see how used to be the spaces that you visit at different times of the past.

Past View is a full sensory experience. It is much more than a conventional interpretation. Past View is tourism of the 21st century.

The Past View device, composed of smart glasses and a touchpad, allows visitors to discover the past through virtual reconstructions and AR technology (Augmented Reality) which will bring the visitors closer to the heritage sites in a close and immersive way.

The virtual images are not merely architectural recreations, but you will be present in places which are full of life, you will see characters from each time of the history. Even one of these characters will address you, acting as a cicerone.

Thanks to the motion sensor, the user will be able to see panoramic views from the past, and compare them with the ones from the present, thus improving the sensory experience of this different and innovative sightseeing tour.


The Past View hardware contains software that lets users interact in the interpretation of the heritage, as well as to access to additional contents (information about the monument, image gallery, AR, audios, etc.). Using the augmented reality technology, visitors will be able to compare the past and present of the main monuments in an innovative and intuitive way. In addition, the software has an integrated GPS system which continuously geolocalizes the visitors. The tour is assisted by qualified personnel.


Past View is a pioneer and unique product. New technologies offer us more and more opportunities, and we have implemented them in an innovative guided tour. Tourists demand a more and more complete experience when visiting a new place. Past View is tourism of the 21st century.

Who is it for?

Both for tourists who want to discover a place in a different way, and those curious who want to know their own past. Adults and children now have the opportunity to travel in time. When visiting a place, we wonder: “What would the people of that time say when passing by here? How would it be? I wish I could see it with my own eyes." These questions and desires already have an answer: Past View.

Travel to the past NOW

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The Past View team is composed of professional workers from different sectors: Tourism, History, Art, Communication, Design, Architecture, Computer Graphics, Engineering, etc. Different views to the same philosophy: making culture more accessible to all by means of new technologies.

The multidisciplinary Past View team works on the project in a comprehensive way: documentation work, thorough scientific investigation of what was that space like at a given time, its uses, 3D modeling, characterization of the characters, and the computer application which makes the interaction possible.

Past View Team

Jorge Robles

Founder - CEO
Past View Team

Elena Luque

Founder - Project Leader

Daniel Antón

Historic documentation and communication
Past View Team


3D Artist, CGI
Past View Team

Manuel Aranda

Past View Team

Rafael Osuna

Accounting Department

Crispu Torres

Past View Assistant

Inmaculada Díez

Past View Assistant


Past View Cities

Past View is a unique touristic product that transforms your visit into an unforgettable experience. With Past View, you will travel in time; admire what was a specific space like at a certain time. Thanks to smart glasses, AR technology and virtual reproduction of quality, you'll see what were the buildings, shops, streets, squares, etc. like in the past.

You will interact with characters from different eras, who will guide you and show you every single detail of what you're seeing, and what you are living

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